Canyoning is a sport that’s quite different from the rest.  It involves getting from A to B using canyons and gorges.  The tricky part is taking on all the different obstacles the river has to throw at you.  You will be jumping, scrambling, sliding, crawling, swimming, wading, abseiling and much more.  It’s perfect for stag groups, as you will have to work as a team to complete each section.  As it gets more difficult, you will have to plan your route so the whole group can get past.   Blue Ocean Activities & Adventure


for more information about canyoning, you can see the wikipedia page, or the visit britain website

Wild camping and survival skills

Have you ever wanted to recreate your childhood, or be like bear grills for the night?  Well here’s your chance.  It’s a great addition to any stag weekend, or corporate entertainment and it is Wild Camping and survival skills.   You will learn to catch and cook your own food.  Prepare fish.  Search for edible foods.  You will also be building a make shift shelter for the night.  It really is one heck of an experience.

wild camping and survival skills


If this is something that interests you then give us a call, or start talking with your mates.  This is an experience you wont forget.

For more about survival skills see here.

Canyoning in Wales 2015

The 2015 season has started with a ROAR.  The Stag groups we’ve taken out so far have been fantastic.  You know who you are.  Bookings are coming in fast, and it’s important if you are planning a stag trip that you book as soon as you can.   So far we’ve had “Greg’s Group”, “Celyns Canyoners”, “Daniels Dangermen” and many more.  Blue Ocean Activities & Adventure will sort you out with a fantastic day.

canyoning wales stag


For more information on Stag groups, or visiting wales, see the visit wales website.

White Water Rafting Wales

White Water rafting Wales is an amazing experience.  Be sure to book you and the lads in for this activity.  Put on your wetsuit and helmets, and head out onto the rapids.  Hold on tight though as these welsh rapids tend to get quite hectic.  Who’s strong enough to hold on, and who’s brave enough to complete the route.   Check out this video.  We thought this summed up the activity quite well.


Head over to for more tourist information about britain.

White Water Rafting UK

stag weekend cardiff t shirt  When you’re on a stag weekend in Cardiff, you’ve got to try white water rafting UK  , the fun filled activity will have you and the whole group buzzing.   The activity is especially fun after heavy rainfall.  The rivers in Wales are ideal for the activity and are close to Cardiff.  For more information on white water rafting you can look at Wiki- Rafting also.   Be sure to keep checking this blog as we’ll be reviewing activity providers across the country to see who delivers the most exciting white water rafting UK experiences.