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Canyoning Brecon Beacons

Canyoning takes place all over the world.  But we feel that here in Wales we have the top location!  Canyoning Brecon Beacons is extreme, fun, fast, exciting and much more.  Canyoning in the Brecon Beacons can be described as ‘out of this world’.  For your canyoning trip, we advise going through a certified company who use qualified instructors.  The link we provided will ensure you are put through to the ideal company.    Canyoning is the extreme sport that involves the movement from the top of a gorge or canyon down to the bottom using jumps, abseils, scrambles, waterfalls, swimming, diving and many other fun activities.

Canyoning in the brecon beacons

The Brecon Beacons host so many different amazing adventure activities.  You are welcome to browse further and learn about this great national park.  Click Here.

White Water Rafting Wales

One of our most popular stag and hen activities in wales is White Water Rafting.  White Water Rafting Wales with blue ocean activities & adventure has been given great reviews all over the web and currently one of our top rated activities for stag weekends in Cardiff.   The extreme sport is especially fun when there has been a lot of rain fall and the river conditions are rough and ready to rumble.  The rivers are fast and the ones blue ocean and adventure use are home to the world rafting championships.  When the rivers are too low however, we usually suggest other activities are done.   We recommend white water surf kayaking, or kayaking down the rapids instead.  For more information about rafting click here.

white water rafting wales



Amazing Coasteering Birthday Experiences

We have some fantastic birthday experiences for anyone up for a fantastic Coasteering event!  Head out to the pembrokeshire national park and let’s jump off some rocks into the sea.  The water is still cold, but we’ll equip you with the best winter wetsuits, gloves, hoods and boots so you’ll be nice and toasty.  The days are getting longer and brighter so we might as well start the season now!

Here’s a great coasteering video!  Have a look here –  Here we have a good guide on coasteering and great images and videos.

Free Caving Event

To promote this amazing adventure, last week we offered a free caving trip to a few lucky prize winners.  After entering our competition, we had to choose 3 people at random to come on the caving adventure.   All our guests had an amazing time, they abseiled into the dark underground world and had a good chance to explore.  We then set up some exciting challenges that everyone enjoyed.  Getting deeper into the maze we explored and found some hidden gems.  For more information on Caving click here.

Caving adventure

Extreme Canyoning Video

Here’s a video to some extreme Canyoning from  here is the Youtube link  –  this video is great as it captures the essence of Canyoning in Wales and South Wales.    You can see why this activity is among the most popular of our activities.

Check this website for more information on Canyoning.   Or general information about Canyoning here.


Gorge Walking South Wales

Stag and hen groups are always recommending their friends about our Gorge Walking in South Wales. Gorge Walking South Wales is the activity that involves traversing from the top to the bottom of a river/ gorge as a group. You’ll be jumping off rocks into lagoons, get washed around in the rappids, slip down rock slides, crawl behind waterfalls and much more. You’ll work as a team to complete the course.

For a limited time only we’re offering a ‘stag goes free’ discount for all of our stag groups and of course a hen goes free for our hen groups. Be sure to call us as as possible to book whilst this offer still exists.

gorge walking south wales cardiff


for other great activities, and information about wales see visit wales.

White Water Rafting Wales

So many stag groups absolutely love White Water Rafting Wales.  With some of the best rivers for the activity, stag and hen groups always come away buzzing.   White Water Rafting in Wales can be as extreme as the rest of the word with the correct river conditions.  A bit of rainfall and the rapids will be roaring.  Blue Ocean Activities & Adventure provide great White Water Rafting Wales, they will ensure you are kitted out with top of the range helmets, buoyancy aids and wet suits.  Their instructors are all highly qualified and experienced in this great activity, and further more they are some of the friendliest bunch you’ll meet.

White Water Rafting Wales

In this extreme activity, you and the group will have to work has a team in order to navigate your way down the rapids.   If someone falls out you must work together to haul them back into the raft and carry on downstream.  Lose and oar? Then you must also figure out the best plan of action to get that oar back. (you wont be much use without an oar)    Be sure to contact us if you’d like to do this activity.   Click here to see a great White Water Rafting Video.

Quad Biking Wales

Quad biking in south wales, and wales in general is fantastic.  Here in wales we have acres of open country land perfect for whizzing around on 250cc all terrain vehicles.  Using top of the range quads, and high tech safety helmets you will be sure to enjoy your time with us quad biking.  Quad Biking Wales seems to be extremely popular with stag weekends Cardiff.  Stag Weekends Cardiff always aim to provide the best service for stag and hen groups.  For a quote, or just a general enquiry please get in touch and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.   For more information on quad bikes in general see here.

quad biking wales