White Water Rafting Wales

So many stag groups absolutely love White Water Rafting Wales.  With some of the best rivers for the activity, stag and hen groups always come away buzzing.   White Water Rafting in Wales can be as extreme as the rest of the word with the correct river conditions.  A bit of rainfall and the rapids will be roaring.  Blue Ocean Activities & Adventure provide great White Water Rafting Wales, they will ensure you are kitted out with top of the range helmets, buoyancy aids and wet suits.  Their instructors are all highly qualified and experienced in this great activity, and further more they are some of the friendliest bunch you’ll meet.

White Water Rafting Wales

In this extreme activity, you and the group will have to work has a team in order to navigate your way down the rapids.   If someone falls out you must work together to haul them back into the raft and carry on downstream.  Lose and oar? Then you must also figure out the best plan of action to get that oar back. (you wont be much use without an oar)    Be sure to contact us if you’d like to do this activity.   Click here to see a great White Water Rafting Video.

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